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        1. Antique Stoves For Sale

          Antique Parlor Stoves and Antique Ranges for sale

          Photo of a wyvern detail on a parlor heater.

          Take a look at this collection of over one hundred antique parlor heaters, stoves and ranges from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Also included, some very early electric stoves and ranges.

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          These stoves and heaters are together as the result of over thirty years of collecting. The collection contains single instances of each item, there are no duplicate stoves or heaters.

          If you are a high-end collector, or are seeking an outstanding item for a particular room, then you might be interested in this Jewel Stove Company Parlor Heater, or this charming, Prize #2, Co-op Stove miniature base burner might be just the item to fit that special place and to fit your budget.

          Some of the manufacturers represented here: Oak, Todd, Spokane, Bridge Beach, Cameo, Vermont Stove, Bucks, Bramhall Deane, Yale Garland, Garland Oak, Franklin Windsor, Jewel, Detroit Stove Works and Victor… many others and different models to chose from.

          Cashier's Checks Welcomed


          P.O. Box 40146
          Spokane, WA 99220
          152 South Lincoln Street
          Spokane, WA 99204
          By Appointment Only

          Last Updated - September, 2011

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